TEAGUE  BAND 	Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.  ~Ludwig Von Beethoven Gary Bottomley     Director of Bands
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Welcome to the Teague Band Program!  This website was created to familiarize you with the many aspects of the  program, and to ensure an enjoyable and educationally rewarding musical  experience.  I realize you are deluged with reading material from the school  at the beginning of the year, but PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK  THROUGH THE WEBSITE!     The Band Handbook is a MUST READ.  After you have read the Handbook,  please print and sign the last page and return it to me.  Band students will  be held accountable for the information contained therein, so please keep it  handy for future reference. You may download the entire Handbook from  this site. Band is an elective and selective course. It differs from the general music  class, or any other course on the enrichment wheel. In that, we seek to  develop and put to use a SKILL. It involves learning math concepts and  applying them (rhythm), learning and applying a new system of notation,  developing fine motor skills, developing our ability to really hear, and  becoming sensitive: to the sounds we make, to the sounds others make, to  the musical demands of the piece. It requires cooperation with a large team  of musicians, working together toward a common goal. In addition, of  course it also requires extra practice at home, occasional after school  rehearsals and performances, and investment in an instrument. Band  involves responsibility to the group. The sound each student makes  changes the sound of the entire group. One student can literally ruin the sound of an entire 80-piece band!   ..read more. DONATIONS TO THE BAND Teague Band is accepting uniform parts and cash donations for those not  participating in our fundraisers.  Also, check out teagueband.inkraiser.com  for discount of 40 to 70% off all your printing supplies. ~ ~ TEAGUE TIGERS ROCK! ~ ~ The Next Step - Patriot Marching Band The marching band is composed of members  from the Symphonic Band I, Symphonic Band II,  Symphonic Band III, Instrumental Techniques,  the Color Guard, and the Dance Team.  The  marching band is a musical unit organized to  provide education and entertainment for football games, pep rallies, band  festivals, parades and concerts.  This group is an important part of the  instrumental music education program at Lake Brantley High School.   Membership requires TOTAL DEDICATION, MAXIMUM EFFORT and  COMPLETE INVOLVEMENT in all aspects of marching, playing and  performance. The LBHS Symphonic Bands are opened to students with previous  instruction in wind and percussion instruments.  They consist of modern  wind band instrumentation and provides instruction in common-practice  period and twentieth century wind literature and transcriptions.  The bands  meet (for credit) throughout the entire year and perform several concerts  and festivals each year.
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